ADler is standard equipped with:

Rotax582 DCDI 64 h.p. engine with el.starter, gear box ratio 3,47, intake and exhaust silencer;
Three-blade composite propeller;
Stream-lined instrument panel with 6pcs. instruments: speed, altimeter, RPM, cooling liquid temperature, EGT meter, operation hourmeter;
Fuel tank 110 liters;
Double instructor control + instructor throttle /folding pedal/ on back seat;
Four-point safety belts for pilot and passenger;
Gas dampers on main gear;
Disc brake + park brake;
Optional trim system /levers and rollers/;
Belt system with carabins for wing connection;
Wide and comfortable seats;
Rear wheel fearings;
Trike cover;
Empty weight is 138 kg

The trike can be equipped with the following wings:

ITV Buldog - good and slow non acrobatic wing

Size (m2) 38
Flat surface area (m2) 38.00
Span (m) 14,50
Aspect ratio 5,20
Cord (m) 3,36
Minimum weight in flight (kg) 130.00
Maximum weight in flight (kg) 360.00
Wing's weight (kg) 8.40
Sink rate (m/s) 1.10
Trims on speed (km/h) 52.00
Trims off speed (km/h) 62.00
Certification code Structure 6G pour un PTV de 400 kl

Nucleon Cabrio from DUDEK.

Size (m2) 42
Number of cells 62
Surface area (flat) [m2] 42,00
Surface area (projected) [m2] 35,77
Span (flat) [m] 15,06
Span (projected) [m] 12,07
Aspect ratio (flat) 5,4
Aspect ratio (projected) 4,07
Sink rate [m/s] min = 1,8; trym = 2,0;
max = 3,0
Speed [km/h] min = 35; trym = 45;
max = 62
Max cord [cm] 332
Lines length incl. risers [cm] 964,00
Total lines length [m] 609,67
Take-off weight EN [kg] 170-310
Load test 6G [kg] 324
Canopy weight [kg] 11,0

TUSKER by Swing

Take-off weight (kg) Min/Max incl. equipment 226 - 316
Number of cells 50
Surface area (projected) (m²) 37,7
Span (flat) (m) 14,8
Span (projected) (m) 11,72
Aspect ratio 5,05
Max speed (km/h) 50
Trim Fast speed (km/h) 43

Note *

Performance figures may vary depending on pilot/motor weight and drag. ADler trikes can be equipped with normal gliders, but we didn't recommend this except the pilot is a professional, but is mandatory to respect weight limitations and hanging characteristics.